HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E

We are prototyping a low noise amplifier based on the combination of an
HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E.  We are using the HMC981LP3E to set the gate voltage
to control the drain current, using component values suggested on P18 of the
HMC981LP3e data sheet.

On investigation, it looks like the HMC981LP3E may be incompatible with the HMC-ALH476 -
the absolute gate voltage range on the HMC-ALH476 is -1v to +0.3v, and the HMC981LP3e applies
-2.5v initially.

Could you confirm if the HMC981LP3e can be used with the HMC-ALH476, and if -2.5 v
applied to the gate of HMC-ALH476 would cause failure.