HMC1049LP5E dependancy  Idd from Gate Bias Voltage .


How can I get diagram dependancy  Idd  (typical 70 mA) from Gate Bias Voltage, Vgg1 (-2V to +0.2V) ? Such dependancy is one and the same for all  HMC1049LP5E samples or can be individual for each HMC1049LP5E sample? 


  • Hi,

    Similar to other externally biased RF amplifiers, Vgg level for desired Idd will change with different parameters like part to part and temperature. For HMC1049LP5DE, typical Vgg for Idq=70 mA is -0.3 to -0.45V.

    For many applications, it is best to implement an active bias circuitry for externally biased devices like HMC1049LP5DE.

    HMC981LP3E can be used for this purpose to bias HMC1049LP5DE. HMC981 will check the Idd for HMC1049 and adjust Vgg continuously to keep Idd=70mA constant. Other features comes with HMC981 will be the power up and down sequqncing for Vdd and Vgg, short circuit protection, internal negative voltage generator(can be bypassed if needed) etc.