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HMC995 and HMC980

I want to use the HMC980 bias controller to supply the HMC995 PA.  Has anyone used this combination?  I am interested in particular as I have recently found that the HMC980 will not (easily) sequence the HMC487 due to gate current drawn levels as noted in this forum.

  • Hi,

    We have tested HMC980 with HMC995.

    The Igate for HMC995 typically stays within +-1.5 mA; hence you should not have any problems like the ones you had with HMC487.

    Let us know if you face any issues, we will provide the support.

    ps. I have also tested HMC487 with HMC980 in the past. In parallel I am investigating the issue you and another customer had recently when biasing HMC487 with HMC980. HMC487 has a shunt resistor at the Vgate input which leads to high Igate during power up. In the past I was able to limit the Igate current during power up by limiting min Vgate value using external resistors on HMC980. I believe the part to part variation of HMC487 leads to the problem you are facing. Anyway, that is a discussion for that EZ post.



  • Hi Kagan, 

    I think I am having the same issue when trying to bias the Macom MAAP-118260 PA with the HMC980, can you share details of the fix that you made through 'limiting the min Vgate value using external resistors on HMC980'?