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ADRF6620 EVAL board and software issue

I am using ADRF6620_EVALZ board and I have encountered issue regarding  correct value from the software and measuring ports.

We tried to use the new evaluation software 2.4.0 but we are still unsure regarding certain errors we are encountering.

First of all the UI does not correspond with the architecture. But also, when we try to update from the engineering tab, we always read 0 for all register values. Can you confirm if you see the same from your side?

2. From the evaluation software can't "Update GUI" 3 times in a role or else the "LO Freq (MHz)" section's value become Freq (MHz) ="NaN" and Step Size = "Infinite" also value read from register is incorrect. Why can't the software update GUI 3 times in a role?

3. We have been probing the SPI signals and we can see that when there is a write, the correct signals are being sent on the line. However, when there is a read (from “Update GUI”), the data that is on the line is always 0, even though from the write log we can see that we are writing a value to the register.

4. From all this, we feel that the mixer on the evaluation board is not working as it refuses to respond to any SPI calls. Is it possible for your to send us another evaluation board to try?

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