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HMC373 characterisation down to 300MHz

I note from the datasheet that the HMC373 appears to operate relatively well down to about 300MHz.

What I'd really like to know is the consistency of performance at lower frequencies, both of the amplifier and the bypass path.  Have multiple parts been tested, does the production ATE test below 700MHz?..   what data is there?

The bypass path has ~8dB loss at these low frequencies which for me is perfect, the gain is ~14dB, again perfect.  With an external narrowband match giving me ~10% bandwidth which is more than enough and I'll make the wild assumption that the 3IP and 1dB Compression will be similar to the rated band so long as I get the matching right, (output would need power match rather than conjugate, not hard)

Of course if there are wild swings in performance at lower frequencies over Process/Voltage/Temperature then I'll have to drop it from my short list.

  • Hi,

    The datasheet has S11, S22 and S21 data down to 250 MHz. Other than that the low frequency operation below 700 MHz is not characterized for HMC373. ATE tests only cover the 700 to 1000 MHz range. But the lot to lot performance variation will be similar to the variation in 700 to 1000 MHz band. You can get a sense of this variation by using the typical, min and max value on the `Electrical Specification` table.