ADL5521-ADS simulation for Matching


I am trying to simulate matching for default setting at 1950MHz, using S-parameter file on the website.

However, I do not get expected simulation result with the setting you have on the website.

1. Simulating with the setting on manual.

-Setting on Manual

-ADS test bench

-ADS simulation result

-Expected location of S11 on smith chart


-Expected S-parameter

Test result is clearly does not match with expected behavior.

Output port is not matched (S22 is not at center of smith chart)

Input port is not optimized for low noise.(S11 is not at the expected location on smith chart)

S-parameter results are clearly different from expected result on manual.

2. Test with simply putting DC feed on 'VPOS' port( Port 2)

-ADS test bench

-ADS result with DC feed in VPOS(Port2)

Expected S11 location and S parameter result are achieved by putting DC feed in VPOS(Port2), rather than actual matching/biasing circuit suggested on manual.

I am very confused with this simulation result.

I want to further simulate matching at 810MHz and 1570MHz, but can not make much progress here, if simulation with default setting suggested on manual does not follow the expected result.

Please advise on this simulation result.

Thank you,


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