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HMC1093 : Harmonic distortion of 4x multiplier


Our customer is in trouble with harmonic distortion of HMC1093. The output level of "5xLo - RF" and "5xLo - IF" are around 20dB bigger than "RF - 4xLo" and "4xLo + IF".

(1)Does 4x multiplier generate 3rd and/or 5th harmonics? And, how much are the level?

(2)Are the 3rd and/or 5th harmonics suppressed by filter or something circuit after 4x multiplier?

(3)Do you have any idea for improving the output level of "5xLo - RF" and "5xLo - IF"?

IF is around 4.7GHz, Lo is around 9.3~9.4GHz, RF is around 42GHz.

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