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HMC245A 0.1dB compression level


The data sheet for the HMC245 lists a minimum and typical level for 1dB compression. How much lower level would be the 0.1dB compression point? Same question for the HMC607. Thanks and Best Regards,

-Tim Starr on behalf of VJ@TR


HMC245A has typical P0.1dB of 26.5 dBm at 0.3 - 3.5 GHz. Minimum P01.dB would 3 dB lower than the typical value.


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    I asked about the HMC245 , not the HMC253A. Please readdress this question. Thanks,


  • Sorry I corrected the part number to HMC245A in my previous message for which I had given the P0.1dB specs.

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