HMC465LP5 Biased with HMC981

We are using the HMC465LP5 in our application; the bias to the device is provided by the HMC981 as per the recommended application circuit in the HMC981 datasheet.

We have noted that when the HMC465 bias is OFF (e.g. EN=0 on the HMC981), the gate voltage VGG1 on the HMC465 is ~ -2.5V; this is Vneg on the HMC981.

However, the datasheet for the HMC465LP5 states that the maximum range for VGG1 is -2V to 0V (see page 8-4 of the HMC465 datasheet, Absolute Maximum Ratings).

Should we be concerned that the -2.5V is applied to VGG1?  The two datasheets seem to contradict each other.