AGC bandwidth of HMC8100

HMC8100 supports 4 different bandwidths for IF

1) 14 MHz

2) 26 MHz

3) 56 MHz

4) 128 MHz

But its AGC bandwidth is limited to hertz range. 8 different AGC bandwidths are available 17, 22, ....., 333 Hz. My questions are:

1) Should not be AGC bandwidth equal to IF bandwidth to capture signal power in entire IF bandwidth

2) IF my system required IF bandwidth is, lets say 26 MHz, I would want the IC to detect the power in entire bandwidth and produce constant output power within entire 26 MHz band centered around my IF. So if AGC bandwidth is, lets say, 333 Hz and signal power variations occur out of the AGC bandwidth, would I get constant IF power at the output?

3) Or if I am missing some point, kindly guide me through correct concept. What is meant by AGC Bandwidth?


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