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Query on ADF4118

I am using Synthesizer ADF4116 in my board. The synthesizer is not locking to the 330 MHz. Any application engieers please contact me in this issue immediately.


Tried to identify the issue by using the following steps.


1. Monitored the R divider output through the programme at Mux output of the IC.

2. Avdd output also there at the Mux outut.

3. Divided by N output unable to seen in the mux out of the IC.

4. VCO output is feeding to the Synthesizer IC with proper level.

5. 10 KHz PFD taken to lock the 330 MHz.

6. 1.3KHz is the loop filter bandwidth and loop filter value derived from the ADI SIMpll.

In the ADF4116/ADF4118 7th pin AVDD is applied 5V with 10 Ohms resistor.

The current is drawing 200mA. And if we want to monitor the Divided by R output on Mux output at pin 14 we are not getting the output on pin 14.

May i know the reason why the Avdd is drawing more current. What could went wrong ? If RF power or 10 MHz reference power which one is more to get the Avdd damage ? Please respond immediately.

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