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Reliability of HMC745LC3 device at temp change.

Hello, I'm Daniel.
I am making PCB board using HMC745LC3 XOR device.
The test environment using the PCB has a temperature change. (85& -5 Degrees)

I am wondering the reliability of the HMC745 device due to temperature changes.
For example, if you are testing only 85 degrees, or if you want to repeat 85 degrees and -5 degrees
Please check if there is enough data to examine the device reliability.

  • Hi Daniel,

    The part dissipates 240mW and worst case temperature rise would be 15C. So the junction will have at most 85+5+15 = 105C. The reliable operation continues until the channel is below 125C.


    Sinan Alemdar

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have additional questions.
    1) Is it possible to increase the device heat side by 15 degrees in the worst case?
    2) As you say, the reliability of the device below 125 ° C means to continue ...
    For example, 125 degrees or less, how long can the device be used continuously?
    Do you have any data on such reliability evaluation?
    As a result, I wonder if the device can survive continuous operation at 85 degrees or -5 degrees.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Since the device dissipates 240mW and with its defined thermal resistance, its internal temperature would go above the ambient temperature by 15C. Regarding the reliability conditions, as long as you stay in the datasheet's absolute maximum ratings, the part should operate normally reliably within its defined life period. Above maximum operating temperature, the part would encounter some stress.