Switching characteristic change: HMC547 vs. HMC547A.

We have multiple designs with the HMC547LP3 designed in. This part is now going obsolete.

In looking at the HMC547A datasheet, I find that the switching time specifications have changed:

HMC547A: tON/tOFF=10ns (typ); tRISE/tFALL=2ns (typ)

HMC547: tON/tOFF=6ns (typ); tRISE/tFALL=3ns (typ)

I have a few questions:

1) Am I correct to interpret the datasheet to mean that the switching time (e.g. from 50% point on the CTL signal) has increased by 66% ?

2) Since switching speed is very important in some of our applications, can you suggest a part that meets the HMC547 tON/tOFF speed of 6ns?


Russell Smith

RF/Analog Designer