Serial port communication with HMC1190LP6GE using FT2232D and D2XX library


I am trying to write my own software to control HMC1190LP6GE evaluation board.

I use C language together with D2XX library for the FT2232D chip that is on my USB interface PCB that was included in the kit.

So far my simple code is able to find that the board is present, get its basic info including a serial number and also open and close the device handle (see attachment, this code is working fine). 

What I would try to do next is to understand what is the flow of writing/reading from the HMC1190LP6GE registers described in details in the mixer's datasheet. For a start I would like e.g. to read REG 0 register that should return me the Chip ID number.

Could anybody share some sample lines of code to help me get started?
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