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HMC702 current of 3.3V

I'm thinking of using HMC702 and HMC1060 to build a phase lock loop.HMC702 is a quite great frequency synthesizer IC and HMC1060 is a LDO which can produce one 5V 300mA,two 3.3V 50mA and one 3.3V 100mA in one IC.In HMC702's datasheet ,it says that +3.3V,VCCPRS,RVDD,VCCHF 116mA,which should be separated to satisfy the output current of HMC1060.So,I want to know the precise current of VCCPRS,RVDD and VCCHF,so that I can decide how to separate?

  • The breakdown for typical currents when locked to 12GHz with 50MHz reference is as follows:

    VCCPRS (N-divider and prescaler): 90 mA

    RVDD (reference buffer): 2.5 mA

    VCCHF (RF buffer): 27.5 mA

    Total current for these three rails is 120 mA since this data was measured at 12 GHz instead of 6 GHz as in the datasheet.   You can connect these rails to the HMC1060 300mA output (VR4).  A resistor between VR4 and RD4 is required to set 3.3V on VR4.

    Connect DVDD (pin 22 and pin 35), VDDQ, DVDDIO to VR2.  These rails require 19 mA (typical) which is well within the 50mA max output on VR2.

    Connect VCCOA, VCCCP,VPPDRV, VDDPD, VDDPDV and VDDPDR to VR1.  These rails require 26 mA (typical) and VR1 output can provide 100 mA.  You will need to ground HV1 (pin 16) on the HMC1060 to boost the 3.3V default output on VR1 to 5V.