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HMC564LC4 and HMC963LC4 Compatibility

I designed an application using HMC564LC4. I saw that, apart from the additional Pin N.21 present in HMC963 and declared as NC in HMC564, the two devices are compatible.

In case I would like to use the same PCB for both devices, it would help me to leave pin 21 of HMC564  neither NC nor connected to GND but instead connected to VCC (as it is in HMC963).

Since the pin in HMC564 is not internally connected there would be no particular issue on that. Am I right or there is some unknown internal connection or performance decrease that would prevent me doing that way?

Additionally in other family devices with nominal power supply 3.5V, curves at different power supplies are often provided while for HMC963 there is no mention about that. In this case it would be helpful to me to understand what kind of performance degradation (if any) would be present operating HMC963LC4 @3.3V in place of the 3.5V presented in datasheet. Would it be possible?

Thanks in advance.