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HMC1165 VCO Frequency Range

Could I use HMC1165 for 10.9GHz~12GHz?

The frequency range of HMC1165 is 11.07GHz to 11.62GHz.

But in the datasheet HMC1165 supports 10.9GHz~12GHz.

Why your range is narrow compare to performance?

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  • Hi there,

    First I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    Generally speaking these GaAs VCO devices need to stay above 2V for the best tuning sensitivity linearity and to help manage the loop bandwidth in microwave synthesizer applications. The band is selected in order to guarantee that the frequency range can be met over the specified tune range including temperature and process variation. The plots shown in the datasheet are representative of what we believe the nominal performance will be however it's based on a small sample size and does not include process variation. Due to process variation, it's possible to receive HMC1165 parts that may require the full 13 volts of Vtune at 11.62GHz, especially at +85°C as this would only require a 100MHz increase in the nominal frequency.  We 100% test these VCO products to be sure they meet the DS specifications.

    Customers are free to use these devices outside of the specified frequency band however we can not guarantee that they won't receive parts that may not meet their requirements under all conditions when they do so.

    Although it still doesn't quite meet your frequency requirement and phase noise is a little higher, the HMC582 is a better fit and lower risk. If these will be used in a synthesizer application I would encourage you to consider the ADF5355 / ADF5356 which will always meet this requirement.

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