some questions about ADF5901 and ADF4159


i use ADF5901 with ADF4159. But i have two questions about ADF5901. 

1. Does the output power of TX out of ADF5901 can be changed from -20dBm to +8dBm  by change the Tx AMP CAL REF CODE? i connect a amplifier after ADF5901. So I should check this.

2. I think the VCO-CAL  in ADF5901 is useless  when  i use ADF4159 to control the Vtune of VCO in ADF5901. So i want to know how do i set the N-Divider and R-Divider in ADF5901?  

 Because in a PLL,the  N-divider and R-divider i really use is  in PLL just the ADF4159 but not in VCO just the ADF5901.

look forward for your reply.

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