AD8333 preamp


is it possible to use an AD8137 as aPreamp for the AD8333.
I simulated this scenario with LTSpice and your Models and that worked out quiete well, but in reality i don't receive good results.
I only receive the INput Signal at the Outputs (behind the I-V Conversion).
I attached a schematic which i hope helps you to help me. ;-)

Kind regards,


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback. When you describe the results of your AD8137 and AD8333 application, what were the disappointing parameters? In fact the pairing of these two part numbers shouldn't work out very well as they were designed for very different applications, but I'm not aware anyone actually bench tested the pair. Tell me what your expectations are, then tell me the results you achieve with the implementation shown in the attached schematic. Then I can better respond to your question.


  • I've changed the Pre-Amp to the AD8331.

    The othe Pre-Amp didn't worked at all.
    thank you anyway.