Trying to Interface ARduino Due with ADF4351 for project purpose. Tomorrow is deadline, kindly guide me?

Dear Sir,

I am trying to interface ADF4351 with Arduino Due for my project purpose. Actually In this project I am supposed to work on frequencies ranging from 136MHz to 176 MHz. The registers are to be continuously written using Arduino Due SPI. The data transfer should be completed in 8milli seconds.

Actually my question is that with every 1MHz increment in frequency register address increases with some bit . SO to continuously write those registers using SPI I need to know the rate in terms of frequency in which the value of register in incrementing. The updation is in Hexadecimal values. Please suggest me some way to figure it out?

R1 increases at every 1MHz & R3 increases with every 5MHz increment but it gets back to its old value after it. Please help me in establishing relation with some equation

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