HMC6300 output power


HMC6300 output power is around -40dBm even at the highest RF and IF VGA gains.

Voltage at the DET_OUT pin is constant, 0.6V at both highest and lowest gains.

PLL is getting locked.

I'm using 250 MHz Channels Using 71.42857 MHz Reference to generate 58GHz.

Below are the registry settings. Please let me know if some I'm missing something.

0x01 0xCA
0x02 0xFC
0x03 0xF7
0x04 0x00
0x05 0xFF
0x06 0xEC
0x07 0xDF
0x08 0x8F
0x09 0x00
0x0A 0x50
0x0B 0xF3
0x0C 0x64
0x0D 0x00
0x0E 0x00
0x0F 0x00
0x10 0x36
0x11 0xBB
0x12 0x46
0x13 0x02
0x14 0x28
0x15 0x12
0x16 0x04
0x17 0x62

read only registers:

INFO: @tx2[18] = 8f (read)
INFO: @tx2[19] = 0 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1a] = 3 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1b] = 7 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1c] = 0 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1d] = 0 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1e] = 0 (read)
INFO: @tx2[1f] = 87 (read)

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