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ADRF6720 LO OUTPUT single ended mode


I would like to use ADRF6720 LO output to drive ADL5380 LO input.

Can I use ADRF6720 LO output pin in single ended mode?

Let s say ADRF6720 LO output pin + connected to the ADL and ADRF6720 LO output pin - to the ground via a capacitor.

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi Chris,

    Both the ADRF6720 LO Output and the ADL5380 LO Input are differential so ideally they would be connected differentially.

    The LO Output of the ADRF6720 can output approx. +3dBm differentially at maximum setting so this would be 0dBm single ended.

    The LO Input of the ADL5380 has a minimum input power of -6dBm (differential) so I think this would be -3dBm single ended.

    So I think in terms of power it should function. However, the ADL5380 datasheet (page 24) mentions single ended LO input can degrade intermodulation performance due to a lack of common mode rejection.