[EV-RADAR-MMIC2 & ADAR7251] Where can I get the software to test these evaluation kits?

I have recently purchased the following eval kits:

  • EVAL-ADAR7251

The RADAR eval kit works fine with a spectrum analyzer, but I'd really like to be able to capture data for post-processing. So following advice from this forum, I've purchased the additional eval kits, as above.

However, I can't seem to get my hands on the software. I've filled in the relevant forms, but the responses I've received have stated that the software is only available to certain automotive customers:

Unfortunately, your request has not been approved due to this product and software is released mainly to our Automotive customers for their commercial purposes.

This doesn't seem right. Why sell this kit and promote the fact that they'll provide a full signal chain solution, when they won't then give us the software? After all, competitors with similar products have included their software on shipping, on usb memory sticks.

Is there somewhere else I should be looking to download the software, or someone else I can speak with?

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