No output from VOUT_IM of HMC6301 Eval board

Hi :

We got the HMC 6350 eval kit and we spot a weird problem on HMC 6301 eval module.

We setup this kit as described in the user guide. We use a differential to single connector for both input and output. All the other part works but the I channel is more than 6 dB less than Q channel.  The register is setup as in the software provided and the I Q channel gain is same as 0dB in the receiver. 

To find out where is the problem in the system, we did some tests.  We feed the transmitter a pure sin wave baseband signal of 10MHz to I (Q) channel only, then we captured this signal from the receiver and calculated the magnitude of the signal (sqrt(I^2+Q^2)). The magnitude is the same, which means the I(Q) channel has same gain at the transmitter.

Then we located the problem to the receiver. We removed the connector and connect four output ports to the oscilloscope, it appears that VOUT_IM is silence. To rule out the factor of motherboard malfunction, we switch two motherboards since they are identical but no luck. 

We double check the manual and register contents, the FM and AM detector is disabled as default setup and as far as we know, the 6301 has no single output function. 

Could you give us some insight of what happens?? Could it be the eval kit deficiency??



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