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ADRF6755 IQ Inputs levels

I'm trying to understand what kind of inputs the ADRF6755 requires. That what the data sheet says:


The baseband inputs, QBB_P, QBB_N, IBB_P, and IBB_N, must be driven from a differential source. The nominal drive level of 0.9 V p-p

differential (450 mV p-p on each pin) should be biased to a common-mode level of 500 mV dc.

Here is how I understand it. Each individual component is biased by +500 mV and has an amplitude 450 mV p-p, so if if I difference IBB_P-IBB_N I would see 900 mV p-p with zero mean.

Here is the plot to illustrate it.

Am I correct or I'm completely in the weeds?



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