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HMC313 Evaluation board problem

Hi All,

I am checking the working of HMC313 on the evaluation board and attached the result checked on network Analyzer .

Condition :

Input level : -15dBm

Supply : 6V with 22ohm.

This result is different from that of what is described on the data sheet and in this condition, current in order of few hundreds mA flows from the source .

We thought that device might be broken and have replace it with a new device but see similar result.

Could you please let me know what might be causing this problem .

  • Hi,

    100s mA is quiet more than the typical 50mA value. ANd issue is there even you replace the part. Do you feel confident that your test and rework environment has no ESD issues? Do you know what is the rise characteristics of the PSU you are using? Is it possible to use an LDO in between to eliminate the possibility of PSU over shoot during power on? When you remove the part from the EVB, could you measure and verify there are no short circuits on the EVB?



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