Check the using HMC7748

 We need check the using HMC7748 to meet our system requirement.


B48(CBRS band)3550MHz~3700MHz channel bandwidth 20Mhz of microcell application.


  1.       Can you give me the ACLR data specific needs at 3550-3700MHz bandwidth 20MHz?

        Can we support CBRS Band#48 of microCell application?

  1.      How much does it consumes power do design system second stage(12V,28V) when design 4W output power.
  2.       How do reference design hardware to make it operate in 4W output power.
  3.       If want up transmit power before PA which “Gain Block” can be suitable.
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    I moved your question to RF and Microwave. Somebody from here will be able to help you.


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    I hope I can help you with your questions about the HMC7748.

    1. the HMC7748 is very broad band (2-6GHz) and very high Power. We do not test specific bands or with specific waveforms, but here are a couple of indicators. a)Your band of interest is within the pass band of the amp. b) the power you require is much lower than the saturated power of the amp; you would be operating  in the linear region of the amplifier. the linearity (ACLR) should be very good.

    2. at 4W output, the amp is about 10% efficient. you can calculate the amount of power that is dissipated with simple math. just to be sure I understood correctly, the second stage voltage has to be 28V. do not lower the second stage to reduce the power.

    3. not completely sure about this question, but the HMC7748 is a stand alone connectorized amplifier. simply apply the voltages and RF as stated in the datasheet page 8.

    4. HMC8410 is a great gain block, I use it often. very easy to implement. performance is good. if you need more (or less) gain or different performance, go to then products then RF&Microwave then RF amplifiers then gain blocks.

    you can do a parametric search for the performance you need.

    I hope this helps, good luck on your design.