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Replacing HMC-C040 for a HMC434 divider

I would like to know if the HMC434 divider is a suitable replacement part for the HMC-C040 divider or if you would recommend other divisors instead. We replace the later one due to a change in frequency, going from above 500 MHz to a 400 MHz signal with a maximum input power of 0 dBm. The divisor should not be less than 8.

Thanks in advance

  • these 2 dividers are similar , but be aware of some of the key differences:

    1. the 040 is a connectorized module and the 434 is a surface mount SOT-23
    2. the output power is greater with the 040
    3. the phase noise is better with the 040
    4. GaS versus InGaP, you can look into the advantages of each 
    5. divide by 10 versus divide by 8
    6. there are additional differences

    if the above is OK for your design, then the 434 is a valid replacement for you.

    long answer, but I want you to be sure the slight differences are acceptable.

    good luck.