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How to correctly establish S parameter simulation schematic of ADL5523 in the ADS?


Our lab prepare to use ADL5523 to improve the performance fo existing circuits. it works at 433MHz. I have downloaded the ADL5523 s3p file in official website. It is different from s2p, and  it use port2(VPOS/VBIAS)to match output impedance. i can't figure out it.

So I'm wondering how to establish a correct simulation eschematic for ADL5523 to match the input and output impedance!:(


  • Hi Vivien,

    Yes the file of the format is a bit different than the typical format. You can see the details on the comment section,

    !            RF in -     port 1
    !            bias -     port 2
    !            RF Out -     port 3

    So you need to assume port 3 as the output of the amp. As an example the gain will be s31 instead of s21. Or you can open the file in spreadsheet and delete the data for port 2 completely.

    The bias port is also include to show the suppression performance of the bias path.