Is there IIP2 data available for the ADRF5250?

  • Is this something that we can request that ADI measure on our behalf? This is critical information that National Instruments needs to know in order to select the correct switch for a new product that is being developed. If ADI is unwilling to make these measurements, then we will require and ADRF5250 evaluation PCB so that we can make the measurements ourselves.

  • Hi Todd,

    I just spoke to MN Pang, product line manager of control products.  She said that they recently tried to measure IP2 on both the ADRF5020 and ADRF5250.  They were unable to get results due to their equipment not having good enough range to measure these parts.


    They put in +16 dBm into the input using a preamp.  They measured noise floor of the equipment at -80 dBm.  All IMD tones are below the noise floor so the IMD tones are better than 96 dBc.


    The question is …does SignalCraft need better performance than that?  If so, ADI will need a special setup with special filtering.  This is something that may or may not be readily available and may take some time.


    Please advise.