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HMC681 connection


I want to use HMC681ALP5E VGA and I want to control it through parallel controls only. I don't want to use SPI or PUP option. Is it possible to use only parallel connection.When I use parallel connection how I can terminate other  control pin like spi and all.Kindly give your suggestions.

Thank you

  • Hi venkateshcr,

    In case you were not aware, I would like to mention that the HMC681ALP5E has Last Time Buy status. For that reason, you may wish to select a different part, one that is farther away from the end of its lifecycle. If you would like to select a different part and need assistance, please let me know the requirements of your application and then I will try to help.

    The HMC681ALP5E allows the gain to be controlled only in a serial manner. Parallel gain control is not included in the part. This, along with the unfortunately named "P/S" pin (which implies "Parallel/Serial") is discussed in the following EZ thread where the (now) obsolete HMC626A is mentioned:

    If you need to use parallel gain control with the HMC681A then you will need to implement some type of additional off-chip translation from your parallel data to the serial format used by the HMC681A.