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I have a problem with the output power of ADRF6720-27, It's output power is about -16dbm while in datasheet said it is about 0dBm. i read and checked all registers and input power of baseband inputs and i think they are OK. Can anyone help me to improve the output power? Should i enable anything else?


ref input: 50MHz

PFD: 25 MHz

Output Freq: 2550MHz

BaseBand : 10MHz, 1 Vp-p

  • Sorry for missing this question for long time.

    If you still have an issue at the lower output power, can you capture baseband input signals(I+/I-/Q+/Q-) by oscilloscope? And if possible, can you also capture rf output spectrum?  If baseband inputs are 1Vp_p at 2.7 V biased and set the registers correctly(especially reg.0x30 = 0x0000), it should be around 2.9dBm.



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