ADRF5021's video feedthrough

Dear Sir,

Could you provide specification which is Video feedthrough for ADRF5021?

Please refer this specification in ADG901 as below


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  • Hi,

    I had measured the video feed-through of ADRF5021. Below are the oscilloscope screenshots showing RF1 waveform (blue trace) during switching on at left and off and right.

    The measurement was done using an ADRF5021 evaluation board. RF1 port connected to an 50 Ohm oscilloscope when RFC and RF2 ports are terminated to 50 Ohm with no RF signal applied. CTRL pin voltage is pulsed between +3.3V and 0V at 10 kHz which is longer than 2 times the settling time of ADRF5021.

    The video feed-through is verified to be lower than noise amplitude of 1mV. I got similar results for our all other silicon switches having low frequency cutoff (ADRF5021, ADRF5025, ADRF5027, ADRF5045). Their fast switching versions (ADRF5020, ADRF5024, ADRF5024, ADRF5044) exhibited video feed-through of a few tens of mV. I attached the oscilloscope screenshots for ADRF5020 as well for your information.


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