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Single Enned input in HMC745

Dear Sir!

I want to use HMC745LC3 (14 Gbps, XOR / XNOR gate).

I just want to use this high speed gate for XOR operation.

In my application, both input data sources, A and B, are single-ended within 6~8Gbps range.

Though some basic questions, but i need your kind guidance for:

1) For single ended operation, should i connect differential inputs (AN, BN) and output (DN) to GND, or leave it floating?

 >  i founded the your last answer,

     you sad, when using hmc745 in single ended operation, you should connect a 50ohms to unused pins.

     is it done? how about connected the DC Block cap by reduce the Jitter?

  case1) only 50Ω serial Connected. (50Ω-GND)

  case2) Cap - 50Ω - GND


plz explain the circuit scemetic.

Kind Regards,

  • Hi,

    The part works between Vcc and GND, where inputs and outputs have termination to Vcc. Thus, you should terminate unused pins to Vcc with 50ohms. If your interfacing part's DC levels match with HMC745, you dont need to use dc block caps both for used and unused pins. If your interfacing part's DC levels do not match, I would recommend you to use dc block caps for both used and unused pins, where unused pin terminations can be connected to GND.

    Best regards