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Wideband tuning voltage for HMC6380 VCO

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: HMC6380

The datasheet of the VCO HMC6380 specifies a tuning voltage of 2-20V for its 8-16GHz output. My desired frequency range is wideband of 11-13GHz which implies that the tuning voltage will have to be from 12-14V. To achieve this tuning range, I was wondering at what value will the opamp of my loop filter be biased or ‘centered’? Will this be V+ @ 20V and V- to GND? Or V+ @ 15V and V- to GND similar to the example below from the datasheet of the HMC4069. Noting that the chosen SYNTH is the HMC440 with max output of 2000mV, pk-pk.

  • Hi Obabarin,

    In this case, it is recommended to design for the entire VCO tuning range V+ at 20V to V- GND, this is to account for part variability and/or a case where your tuning voltage might exceed the expected tuning voltage. The datasheet curve is only specific to a part, while a different part might behave slightly differently.