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Reflected Power at Vout

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADL5372

What is the level of reflected power the ADL5372 can tolerate at the Vout terminal without failure?

This is not a normal operating condition but a failure of a circuit downstream and need to understand the implications to the ADL5372 device.

Maximum operating conditions are +13dBm at the LOIP/LOIN interface but this is likely buffered by an amplifier and totally different form the output interface. 

Will the output stage fail/degrade/survive?

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  • Hi BBrodie348,

    I believe downstream component failure would not cause any damage to the ADL5372, provided the levels are within 0 to 10dBm range. Beyond 10dBm reflected power, you would want to confirm in your application that the supply current is not excessively elevated, especially if there was a case of > 20dBm hitting the output of the ADL5372. With high reflected power, we would anticipate that the output stage may enter a non-ideal state with large voltage swings and draw more current, possibly causing damage.

    Generally, if you were operating the device with 7dBm output power (typical) and the downstream component was a direct short or open circuit, then you would need to know the total loss of the transmission line from the ADL5372 to that other component. The level at the ADL5372 would be 7dBm - (2x loss), so for 1dB trace loss maybe on the order of 5dBm, which would be fine.

    Best Regards,