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HMC635LC4 at 85 deg and VDD=4V

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: HMC635LC4


I see that you advertised here the GAIN & P1dB performance at 85Cdeg.

You also stated that the life span could be reduced at 85 degrees and suggested to lower VDD to 4V.

Could you please provide the Gain and P1dB performance at 85de and VDD=4V ?

Also, What happens exactly at 40GHz?

I see a very sharp dip in performance between 36 and 41GHz but you didnt give a marking at 40GHz...

 I need this to work at 40GHz will it?

Thanks and Best Regards.


  • Hey @IIan1,

    Looking at the related question for HMC635LC4. P1dB and Gain data was provided for 5V at varying temperatures. The sharp dip that you noticed is happening at all temperatures not just at 85C. Included tabularized data for the part at nominal conditionals for both Gain and OP1dB. This degradation in performance is prone to happen at 85C.

    Take way for 5V is that at 40 GHz, the device recoveries at P1dB outputting about 20 dB, 2 dB decrease than at lower frequency (~ 22dBm). What is your target P1dB at 40 GHz and Gain?

    Keep in mind that there will be difference in targeted performance for 4V case.


    Data for 4V case isn't available.



  • Hi Dorant,

    All looks very good at 25deg at 40GHz, and thats for the excel sheet.

    Would you be able to provide a Gain & Power vs. Supply Voltage @ 40GHz as it apears in the datasheet for 30GHz ?

    Reagrds, ILAN. 

  • Hey,

    Supply Voltage vs Gain and Power at 40 GHz is not available.



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