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DXF Viewer data for EVAL-ADMV1530 and EVAL-ADF41513

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADMV1530 ADF41513, ADMV1530


I would like DXFviewer data for EVAL-ADMV1530 and EVAL-ADF41513.

Can you provide data about EVAL-ADMV1530 and EVAL-ADF41513?

best regards.

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  • Hi JudeOsems-san.

    Thnak you. Regarding EVAL-ADF41513, I understood that the only option is to convert the "art data".

    However, isn't the device data attached for ADMV1530?

    What I want is DXF or PDF data of EVAL-ADMV1530.

    This is not individual data for ADMV1530.

    best regards.