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what is the maximum range between two nodes.

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTP5901-IPM

Hello Team,

I want to know what is the maximum range of connection between two LTP5901-IPM nodes. Also, are there any onborad sensors on the LTP5901 board or not??

Thank you!

Best regards,

Pukhraj Singh

  • Hi Pukhraj,

    The maximum range between two nodes is 100m (indoor) and 300m (outdoor). Although hardware integration greatly influences this maximum range, for example on the choice of the antenna to be used. You may refer to the datasheet for the transmit power and receiver sensitivity to compute for the link budget and estimate the range for evaluating in the actual environment of the deployment.

    The LTP5901 board contains a calibrated temperature sensor on-chip that is accessible through serial API. You may interface any other sensor with I2C, SPI or 1-wire master controller.


  • On the subject of accessbiity of I2C,SPI or 1-wire etc: it is important to additionally note that none of these can be accessed on the LTP5901/2 (or LTC5800 SoC) with default FW as supplied in the eval kits.  Access to expose these resources can only be achived by way of the OCSDK development FW.

    See this Confluence page which has guidance and example projects for each available interface supported by the LTC5800 SoC