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Powering HMC943APM5E Eval Board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: HMC943APM5E

Good morning,

I have the evaluation board for this chip and according to the recommended startup procedure for the board, a negative voltage has to be applied and then the voltage has to slowly increase until I_DDQ current is about 1300mA. My question is what terminal do I read the I_DDQ current to ensure that I'm correctly powering this evaluation board? 

We have each V_Dx connected (not ground side since it shows the pins connected already to ground in the schematic). The only pins we are not connecting are V_REF and V_DD6 as we assume that it wouldn't impede upon just trying to power the amplifier. Again we're not sure where to read the proper I_DDQ current to ensure we have the device powered correctly, but when we place the ammeter in series with either V_G1 or V_G2 we get a reading of about 300mA when the voltage slowly increases to about -0.8V.

Any advice would be welcome. 

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