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CN0566 EVK 14GHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0566

1. CN0566 EVK Board is Developed X Band, Tx Antenna used Vivaldi 10.5GHz shall we make it 14GHz? what are the steps involved while developing the Antenna.
2. CN0566 EVK Rx Band Width 10 to 11GHz, Instead of Centre Frequency 10.5GHz Can we convert it into 14GHz? is there any modification Required?
3. With this EVK what distance will it capture?

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  • This error is because either your Pluto is not plugged in, or the Pluto firmware is not configured to be dual transmit/receive, or there is an issue with your SD card.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    1. Phaser Plot : CN0566 & VIVALDI Antenna when both opposite placed, the Angle detecting up to one meter. After increasing the gap more than a meter plot shown 40 degrees constantly even angle is less. Please comment and suggestion. 
    2. When trying to read the object echo is not detecting in phaser GUI. 
    3. Can we connect two Tx Antennas at a time & functioning ?
    4. After applying 2D FFT in RAW data the 2D array ( 900,num_chirps) is plotted with using of imshow(). Which basis these points are plotting.
    5. How to map these values (900,num_chirps) to range and velocity in the range doppler plot, when the target is detected and track the target by printing the range and velocity in this scenario
    6.  When target is not detected, Plot dividing two parts and receiving unwanted noise, how to eliminate ? as shown in pic.
  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    The CN0566 evaluation kit (EVK) focuses on signal steering in the receiver (Rx) path rather than the transmitter (Tx), why not in Tx  just curiosity asking the Q?

  • The array is receive only for a couple of reasons:   1.  Many arrays commonly have more receive elements than transmit elements, as receiving an unknown signal generally requires more antenna elements than transmitting a known signal.  2.  This board is primarily an educational learning platform, and receiving a signal is much more visually intresting than beamforming a transmit signal and not being able to see where it has gone.  3.  Finally, it is less power and cost to receive.  It is because the transmit amplifiers use more power and cost more.  

    In reply to your list of questions on 4/18, let me emphasize the second point that I made above.  Phaser is a learning/prototyping platform for phased array radar.  Many of your questions are just things that need to be learned to get a radar running.  I suggest getting a radar textbook and going through chapters, while trying to implement them on Phaser.  I think you will learn a lot, and it will prepare you for building your own real radar system.  

    For the questions that do apply to Phaser:  3.  You can connect two transmitters, but only one is active at a time.  This is a switched transmit system that is used in virtual arrays.    6.  Yes, I think that divergence is due to some small timing mismatch between the sample clock and the multi chirp pulses.  You can calibrate that mismatch out.  Or try increasing the sample rate.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft 

    Thank you for your support,

    We are trying to configure the Phaser EVK with Matlab, Installed Matlab and the toolboxes and add-ons required for the EVK, and finished the Communication toolbox support package for the Adalm-Pluto SDR configuration steps for EVK. While verifying the connectivity of the Pluto SDR, Unable to solve the below error while running the below command

     “sdr = adi.AD9361.Rx”

    Error using adi.AD9361.Rx

    The specified superclass 'adi.common.Attribute' contains a parse error, cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, or is shadowed by another file with the same name. Could you please follow the pic for the error?


  • This error is because you did not install the "Communications Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio".   Please make sure you are following all of the steps here:

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    Thank you for your support,

    Today Matlab to Python shifted the code while Converting the process unable to connect the SDR ( SDR Blue Light Continually Glow, Not blinking ), Even the Pluto SDR folder is not visible in File Explorer, Could you please support what is the root cause, here are the pics for your immediate understanding.