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CN0566 EVK 14GHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0566

1. CN0566 EVK Board is Developed X Band, Tx Antenna used Vivaldi 10.5GHz shall we make it 14GHz? what are the steps involved while developing the Antenna.
2. CN0566 EVK Rx Band Width 10 to 11GHz, Instead of Centre Frequency 10.5GHz Can we convert it into 14GHz? is there any modification Required?
3. With this EVK what distance will it capture?

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  • You could operate it at 14 GHz by changing out the LPF and BPF filters.  There should be other footprint compatible filters from MiniCircuits that will suppress the lower image and allow through the upper image.   So look through this paper, and make the necessary changes:

    1.  Yes, you can connect up a different transmit antenna for 14 GHz

    2.  The integrated phased array antenna panel only operates between about 10 and 11 GHz.  However, you can solder in SMP connectors and then use SMP cables to connect up to your own 14 GHz phased array antenna.  

    3.  Do you mean comms receive, or radar receive?  Many factors impact the range.  You would have to run an analysis for your signals and setup--perhaps using the Matlab radar toolkit, etc.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    Thank you for your message.

    CN0566 EVK Ordered & waiting for EVK Dispatch details, Could you please share the updated Schematic, BOM, PCB Design files, Gerber data & etc...

    I appreciate your understanding.

  • To Convert 14GHz Component level changes can you arrange the Part Numbers?
    1. LTC5548 - 2GHz to 14Ghz ( Bottle neck to 14GHz )
    2. HMC735 - 10.5 to 12.2 GHz
    3. ADF4159 - up to 13GHz
    Changing out the LPF and BPF filter for 14GHz, Synthesizer LO operation & Given Part Numbers IC's also should be changed?
    Our Developing System should be met at Centre Frequency: 14 GHz & BW 1GHZ, Please Suggest & Comments.

  • No, I don't have the exact part numbers.  You will need to do your own frequency plan and find compatible filters to swap out with the existing ones.  I've never tried it, but I think it should be possible.  For the LO, you can either use the external LO input, or use a low side LO injection--instead of the existing high side LO freq plan.  But you should study this thoroughly before starting any project.  

  • CN0566 Delayed from Mouser to Dispatch, Is there any alternate Solution to get the EVK Board ASAP. With Analog Device CN0566 Fabrication files which Manufacturer is Suitable & What are the Challenges. After Fab & Assembly, For Synthesizer Embedded code is available in web? Please Confirm. 

  • Just this week, the new batch of Phaser kits arrived at our warehouse.  They are now shipping out to fill backorders at Mouser, Digikey, and Newark.  I would expect you should have your board in the next week or two.  All code is available on our wiki site and github page.  See the links in the CN0566 webpage.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    While continuation previous reply, Is there any update about CN0566 EVK.

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  • Those that have placed an order for CN0566 on Digikey/Mouser/Newark have had their order completed.  We have some units left in the warehouse, but are these are being quickly depleted.  If you completed your order on Mouser, you should have it very soon.  If not, please contact Mouser.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    Received EVK-CN0566, Based on Video we are trying to Cable Interfaces. one of the cable not Matching with Videos like PC Interface to Linux Board cable, Cable one end USB A and other side Micro USB. but Linux Board interface connector not matching with Micro USB Connector cable. Please confirm. it looks like a Micro HDMI. Encircled with pics.USB A to Micro USBLinux board connector looks HDMI

  • We have Tested with HB100 & working, How to test with Vivaldi Antenna, Could you please share us any videos.

  • You can find videos and example code on this here:

  • Hi Jon.Kraft

     I'm in need of detailed specifications for the CN0566 EVK's,  Vivaldi & HB100 Antenna optimal performance for my project. Could you provide the following information:

    S11 (Return Loss)  :
    VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) :
    Gain :

    Half Power Beamwidth (HPBW)
    Losses (including insertion loss)
    Radiation Pattern

    If there are any other important parameters that I should be aware of, please do share. Your assistance in this matter would be highly appreciated.

  • when running getting following error any views on how to debug. 

  • This error is because either your Pluto is not plugged in, or the Pluto firmware is not configured to be dual transmit/receive, or there is an issue with your SD card.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    1. Phaser Plot : CN0566 & VIVALDI Antenna when both opposite placed, the Angle detecting up to one meter. After increasing the gap more than a meter plot shown 40 degrees constantly even angle is less. Please comment and suggestion. 
    2. When trying to read the object echo is not detecting in phaser GUI. 
    3. Can we connect two Tx Antennas at a time & functioning ?
    4. After applying 2D FFT in RAW data the 2D array ( 900,num_chirps) is plotted with using of imshow(). Which basis these points are plotting.
    5. How to map these values (900,num_chirps) to range and velocity in the range doppler plot, when the target is detected and track the target by printing the range and velocity in this scenario
    6.  When target is not detected, Plot dividing two parts and receiving unwanted noise, how to eliminate ? as shown in pic.
  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    The CN0566 evaluation kit (EVK) focuses on signal steering in the receiver (Rx) path rather than the transmitter (Tx), why not in Tx  just curiosity asking the Q?