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CN0566 EVK 14GHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0566

1. CN0566 EVK Board is Developed X Band, Tx Antenna used Vivaldi 10.5GHz shall we make it 14GHz? what are the steps involved while developing the Antenna.
2. CN0566 EVK Rx Band Width 10 to 11GHz, Instead of Centre Frequency 10.5GHz Can we convert it into 14GHz? is there any modification Required?
3. With this EVK what distance will it capture?

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  • To Convert 14GHz Component level changes can you arrange the Part Numbers?
    1. LTC5548 - 2GHz to 14Ghz ( Bottle neck to 14GHz )
    2. HMC735 - 10.5 to 12.2 GHz
    3. ADF4159 - up to 13GHz
    Changing out the LPF and BPF filter for 14GHz, Synthesizer LO operation & Given Part Numbers IC's also should be changed?
    Our Developing System should be met at Centre Frequency: 14 GHz & BW 1GHZ, Please Suggest & Comments.