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CN0566 EVK 14GHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0566

1. CN0566 EVK Board is Developed X Band, Tx Antenna used Vivaldi 10.5GHz shall we make it 14GHz? what are the steps involved while developing the Antenna.
2. CN0566 EVK Rx Band Width 10 to 11GHz, Instead of Centre Frequency 10.5GHz Can we convert it into 14GHz? is there any modification Required?
3. With this EVK what distance will it capture?

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  • You could operate it at 14 GHz by changing out the LPF and BPF filters.  There should be other footprint compatible filters from MiniCircuits that will suppress the lower image and allow through the upper image.   So look through this paper, and make the necessary changes:

    1.  Yes, you can connect up a different transmit antenna for 14 GHz

    2.  The integrated phased array antenna panel only operates between about 10 and 11 GHz.  However, you can solder in SMP connectors and then use SMP cables to connect up to your own 14 GHz phased array antenna.  

    3.  Do you mean comms receive, or radar receive?  Many factors impact the range.  You would have to run an analysis for your signals and setup--perhaps using the Matlab radar toolkit, etc.  

  • Hi Jon.Kraft,

    Thank you for your message.

    CN0566 EVK Ordered & waiting for EVK Dispatch details, Could you please share the updated Schematic, BOM, PCB Design files, Gerber data & etc...

    I appreciate your understanding.

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