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ADL5330 ENBL to power supply leakage

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADL5330

I have employed the ADL5330 in a custom PCB by following the evaluation board schematic. The design is working fine, except for one thing : When I turn off the power supply through a load switch, but there is 3.3V on the ENBL pin, a voltage of 1.1V appears on the power supply pins. If we consider the output of the load switch to be high-Z when it is disabled, is is possible that an internal leakage path from ENBL to VPS exists in the ADL5330 which causes such a big voltage ?  
Keep in mind that the 3.3V signal is provided to the ENBL pin via a logic gate, capable of 20mA output current. The reason why ENBL is high while the power supply is disabled is irrelevant and has to do with power sequencing on the rest of the board.

Thanks in advance !

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