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Usage EV-ADF4372SD2Z to program ADF4355-2 on custom board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADF4355-2

Dear Mr./Mrs,

I purchased a synthesizer ADF4372 evaluation board a while ago. Now I designed new board with ADF4355. I wanted to configure the synthesizer with help of EV-ADF4372SD2Z development kit, so I removed R84, R45 and R46 and I connected test points to my board with ADF4355-2. And I also did not powered the board through Vsupply to ensure that assembled ADF4372 IC will not interfere with my board and I think it is not necessary when I am not using the ADF4372. So powered is only EVAL-SDP-CS1Z through USB. But this did not work and I am getting error "An SDP system was found, but the daughterboard was not detected...". The EVAL-SDP-CS1Z does not generate any clock, any data and it is doing nothing after I click reconnect. I checked it with an oscilloscope. Can this be some problem with EEPROM?

Thank you in advance.