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HMC8362 and HMC8364 Vtune port models

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: HMC8362LP6GE, HMC8364LP6GE

Re: HMC8362 and HMC8364

Do you have any better information on the Vtune interface schematic than that shown as fig 5 on the data sheets?

The HMC8362 fig 5 shows a total capacitance of 420 pF, and the HMC8364 fig 5 shows a total capacitance of 340 pF, 

How much lot-to-lot variation is expected? Do these values vary with the DC bias on the Vt port?

If so, do you plots or graphs showing the effect of DC bias?

Is these maximum values or simply nominal values?

Thank you.


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