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Control input Range of HMC284A

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: HMC284AMS8GE


Could you tell me the threshold of the control terminal of HMC284A?

The HMC284A datasheet states:

Therefore, can I assume that it works up to the following range as specified in the datasheet of another device (HMC241AQS16)?

Best Regards.

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  • Hi zwang-san.

    Thank you for the answer. Now that I have the information, I will respond.

     ・Control voltage High (Either Plan 1 or Plan 2)

       :Plan1 :3.85V(min)

        Plan2 :3.94V(min)

     ・RF input power

       :+5dBm ~ +20 dBm

    Are there any areas that could be problematic in terms of usage?

    Best Regards.