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Requesting for S2P Files

Category: Software
Product Number: HMC438, HMC433, HMC575

Please provide S2P Files for HMC438, HMC433, HMC575 and ADS/IBIS Model for HMC698

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  • Hi,

    Yes, HMC438 works on sine wave input.

    As for the simulator, we do not have an available tool to check the phase noise of the combination of HMC438 and ADCLK. This combination needs to be setup to validate phase noise.

    Lastly, the -1dBm is the typical output power of HMC438 no matter what the power level of the input signal is supplied. Take note that there is a specified maximum input power for each input frequency range. The same goes for HMC433.

    Best regards,

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