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Receiver MAXIM

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX1473


We are looking for a replacement for the TDA5210 from Infineon for 433MHz and 868MHz.

We have seen the MAXIM MAX1473 device for the 433MHz band.

Do you think that this component can be suitable?

Is there a component in 868MHz with the same pin/out ?

Are there any other ISM components that might interest us?

Here are our requirements:

- Operating frequencies 434 and 868MHz

- ASK or OOK modulation

- If possible management of the superheterodyne mode.

- Application notes with preamp and saw filter for the different components

- The component must provide a DATA OUT demodulation pin for data reception.

- If the component requires programming of its registers before use, are they memorized in flash? or must the component be re-programmed after each power-up?

- We have 2 types of transmission protocol :

o A proprietary protocol at 1Kbps

o A Manchester type protocol at 10kbps

The particularity is that we have to manage the 2 speeds with the same component settings.



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